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I’m not sure how helpful this will be to anyone, but basically before the weekend one of the balls on my septum rubbed on the skin and made it sore, over the weekend it’s obv got some germs in the sore patch and developed into this fleshy bump which you see in picture one.
Picture 1 is taken in the morning, the bump is clear and hard and very prominent, this was then given a warm salt water bathe. Over the course of the day the bump has gotten quite dark red but I have left it alone.
Picture 2 is taken the evening of that day, after a camomile soak and then a salt water clean. The dark red lump oozed some pale red liquid and then kind of flattened into a sore patch.

I know this is graphic and not the most flattering of photos but I just wanted to show the growth/difference in piercing bumps in the space of less than 24 hours, and what I’m doing to get my septum to be normal again.

I hope this helps a little.

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